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    Beyond anything else, I'm all about experiencing life. I put a huge premium on time and the fragility and finiteness associated with it, so I'm always pursuing opportunities for new experiences and meeting new people.

    This outlook has treated me well so far. I'm surrounded by people I love and respect. I have a couple of businesses that I'm very passionate about. I feel at home in the outdoors where I tend to do some of my best thinking. And I still feel like a kid at heart even though I'm quickly approaching my mid thirties... or I suppose I already arrived.

    Anyhow, I'm Steve and to know more than this you simply have to engage me. I love conversation, so don't be shy.
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    PA, USA
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    What are we measuring?
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    I devour books. I only read non-fiction and I tend to stick to those subjects that interest me most such as exercise science, outdoor adventure, and the like.
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