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    I am a male performer - director - producer - affiliate in Las Vegas and I love love love BBWs


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    i am the guy you will see doing all sorts of strange things on the internet...and getting paid for it. lol
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    Las Vegas, NV
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    reading, triathlons, internet marketing
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  1. christianxxx1

    massive booty beauty gets the D

    Marcy Diamond has maybe the greatest booty in the universe. She is in Vegas on business and called her boy toy Christian over for some hot sex. They are soon going at it hot and heavy as he dives into her big butt and then fucks her all over the hotel room. She is such a goddess! you can see this big booty legend and join my site for only 25 bucks - HERE
  2. Christian is supposed to get his coworker Dahlia a gift as her secret santa. He forgot however and she confronts him at the office christmas party. When he fails to give her a proper gift, well she takes matters into her own hands and demands he give her the gift she REALLY wants...his hard cock in her fat pussy. you can see this ebony BBW and join my site for only 25 bucks - HERE
  3. Becca Bunny and her massive boobs are ready for the next job applicant to enter her office. As he enters, she notices that this clown is wearing a track suit...to a job interview. She is appalled by the disrespect and since she isn't going to be hiring this dummy, why not have some fun with this poor loser? She gets his cock out and WOAH its much bigger than she thought. As she sucks it and then takes him deep in her tight pussy, she has second thoughts. Maybe she needs to hire him and have him fuck her every day! you can see this busty boss and join my site for only 25 bucks - HERE
  4. christianxxx1

    back and better than ever

    Blondie Sloane is an amateur BBW that only wants one cock in her life...Christian's. She has been away from the scene but now she is back, a brunette, and looks better than ever! This thick and sexy babe loves the cock so much. she gobbles it up before demanding that he fuck her fat pussy in every possible position. Welcome back Blondie! you can see this hot sex scene and join my site for only 22 bucks - HERE
  5. christianxxx1

    waking up to a curvy goddess

    As Christian is sleeping peacefully, a BBW goddess enters the room and spies her next target. Shanelle savage is a busty, curvy babe and she gets naked and attacks his hard cock. He knows just what to do with her and he fucks that fat pussy in every position as she screams with delight. The chemistry between these two is off the charts! you can see this scene and join my site for only 22 bucks - HERE
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  7. Christian is not feeling well and Nurse Betty Bang is there to take good care of him. As she is tending to him, she notices a large bulge under the covers. When she investigates, she is shocked not only by how big his cock is, but that he is feeling so much better! Now she REALLY makes him feel better, by blowing him and then getting her pussy fucked all over the hospital room. you can see this BBW nurse and join my site for only 22 bucks - HERE
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  12. christianxxx1

    no gym before sex

    Betty Bang is looking GOOD! But her boyfriend doesn't notice because he is headed to the gym for a long workout. She has other plans and when she starts shaking that massive ass of hers, well no man can resist dicking her down. He fucks her tight pussy in every position and her ass bounces which is absolutely glorious! you can see this big booty babe and join my site for only 22 bucks - HERE
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