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    Hi! I'm Vixen Blu, a chubby nerd. Currently working so I can play. I would love to shoot new fetish content, including dress up, panties, costumes (especially animal themed ones), interactive group sessions, and of course all types of fun roleplay.

    Im always down for some sexy questions. These get my juices flowing for updates on my sexy blog:
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    Southern California
  • Age
  • Measurements
    45 - 39 - 50
  • Books
    The Otherland Series, furry novels and comics
  • Weight
  • My interests
    bdsm, animal roleplay, fursuiting/costuming, artwork, lingerie. I also love to be a creative person so I can say I have enjoyed crafting stuff.
  • Sex
    Yes, please!
  • Ethnicity
    Im a fox
  • Drink Alcohol?
    Occasionally (socially more than anything else)
  • Marital Status
    In a poly family

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  1. Took some time to tend to my sexy life today.  I have been leaving some of the social spots alone, wanting to only poke my head out when I have more to say.