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  1. Looks like Princess Elsa has became really fat from being locked up inside the castle for too long! I barely managed to squeeze my fat ass into this dress, even though it was plus size 28! Such a fatty now! I had been wearing my dress and stuffing myself all day. I could feel it getting uncomfortably tight across my belly too, so I decided to strip down to my underwear, just in time for my feeder to return home with LOADS of food for me. He had bought my favourite, Mac ’n’ cheese. I really couldn’t wait to stuff it all so as quickly as I could I crawled on top of him, straddling him as I rubbed, jiggled and dropped my belly onto him while he fed me the food. I felt as though I couldn’t be satisfied and wanted to be stuffed even quicker, so snatching the food from his grasp I began to shovelling it into my mouth faster and faster as I moaned in ecstasy. He rubbed and jiggled my belly as I become more and more aroused. I am definitely looking my fattest in this video, don’t you think? http://bonnie.bigcuties.com/ http://www.bigcuties.com/blog Bon x
  2. Over the years I have had so many embarrassing fat moments and although at the time I may feel slightly embarrassed by the looks and stares, I also feel a sense of excitement too! When I am in a situation where I am humiliated or embarrassed due to my size, I cannot help but be aroused by it!! For example, the time when I was directed by a waiter to sit in a chair which I couldn’t squeeze myself into. I had to be moved and even when I sat in another chair, I was completely squished in and overflowing. I had loads of customers staring at me and whispering, probably discussing the probability of my breaking the chair and eating the restaurant out of business! Haha! I discuss so many sexy and exciting fat moments in this video, I actually have loads!! It is crazy how many of these humiliating and arousing situations I find myself in on a daily basis!! http://bonnie.bigcuties.com/ http://www.bigcuties.com/blog Bon x
  3. BCbonnie

    ~*Big Cutie Bonnie-Back to School Bulge*~

    Thank youuu x YESS I would be bursting out of it more and more everyday too Haha I can imagine!
  4. It has been a very long summer and I haven’t stopped eating. I have been such a greedy, fat piggy and have suddenly ballooned!! You have’t seen me at school for only a couple of months but already there is a HUGE difference in my weight! You noticed it immediately when you saw me, like everyone else!After months of non stop stuffing, where I have been gorging on ice cream, cookies, cakes and fattening takeaways, it has transformed me into a fat pig, the skinny girl I once was has now disappeared!On the day that the holidays were over I reached for my my uniform and found that it is now too small!! I could not believe it! I haven’t been eating that much…have i?!Have I really gained so much weight in such a short period of time due to my laziness and pure gluttony? No…I cannot believe it!However, my shirt is now very tight around my flabby arms, digging into all my fat and is so tight across my belly that it is more like a crop top, than a normal shirt! I cannot even button it up over my boobs and my skirt is also very tight and as my belly has ballooned outwards and my arse has also grown much fatter, the skirt rides up higher and barely covers me!! I am so HUGE now after only 3 month of stuffing!! I am certain I will no longer fit in my desk too!http://bonnie.bigcuties.com/http://www.bigcuties.com/blogBon x
  5. BCbonnie

    **Big Cutie Bonnie-Never FAT Enough**

    Thank you! Haha I am Thank you! Me too!!
  6. I just do not feel fat enough…i want to be so much FATTER! I constantly gaze at myself in the mirror, my eyes taking in my hanging belly, my flabby arms and forever growing rolls. Even though I can see that I am indeed VERY fat, I still am not satisfied. This fat body of mine is just not big enough for me!! I have to gain more and be even fatter. I honestly do not know if I will ever feel like I am fat enough, I surpass my gaining goals continuously, always telling myself I will just gain a little more, just a few more fat rolls and then it will be enough, but It never is though! Check out my NEW update!! http://bonnie.bigcuties.com/ Bon x
  7. It really has been far too long since I jumped on the scales! I have wanted to do a weigh in video for so long now, since I have felt myself growing fatter & FATTER. I can constantly feel my belly weighing me more down as I walk and my fat rolls jiggling more as they grow bigger. My thighs are forever rubbing together now and I can see new arm rolls starting to appear. My face also is chubbier! Have you noticed that?! How my cheeks are fatter like a hamster and my double chin is beginning to hide my neck too. Soon I will no longer have one! I cannot believe how close I am to my old gaining goal! I always thought I would stop when I reached it, but now as I am almost there, you and I both know that my gaining will continue. I am far too addicted to fat and stuffing myself constantly that I could never give it up!! http://bonnie.bigcuties.com/ http://www.bigcuties.com/blog Bon x
  8. BCbonnie

    ~*Big Cutie Bonnie-Unfit for Duty*~

    Thank you darling! Haha go get me another cake private! Sounds like a dream!
  9. When I was younger I actually wanted to be in the army, can you believe that?! It got me thinking about what it would be like if I attempted to join it now, at my size! As my fitness level is so poor, what would they think of me?! A Huge breathless fatty struggling to do simple tasks that others could fulfil with ease. My flabby belly, legs and arms jiggling all over the place out of control as I try to jog and jump. I decided to play this scenario out for you as it has been too long since I did an exercise video and I know you all LOVE seeing me struggle with activities, as I love to show you. My poor fitness levels truly show me how much of a greedy gluttonous pig I really am. Most of my days are spent lazing about stuffing myself, so really what do I expect! http://bonnie.bigcuties.com/ http://www.bigcuties.com/blog Bon x
  10. Don’t you think I look so much fatter in this body stocking now? It has been a while since i wore it last and I can really notice how much my belly and thighs have grown since then, especially my belly!! It is enormous now and hangs even lower than it did before. Luckily this stocking is ridiculously stretchy, otherwise I would have had no hope fitting into it! I loved rubbing my belly over the fishnet material, seeing my fat poking out through the holes, it was just so sexy! In my video I share with you all how much it turns me on to look at old photos of myself in this stocking, compared to me in it now. How much it arousing me…ALWAYS! How I hope to one day outgrow it too, would LOVE to be so fat that I burst out of it! Ultimate fantasy! http://bonnie.bigcuties.com/ http://www.bigcuties.com/blog Bonnie x