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  1. This video was a sexy custom I made, it is purely role play. I just have no control when it comes to stuffing my fat face, but I want to try and get fit. I want to lose the weight due to the pressure to keep in shape and be more healthy. So I decide to attempt to get fit! I struggle to exercise and become breathless very quickly! I really am so unfit this days, I cannot believe that I have let myself become such a fat blob! How could I have let this happen! I am absolutely huge!!! As I continue to exert myself while exercising, I realise that I just cannot do it! I have no control, no restraint when it comes to being a FAT and gluttonous pig. I just cannot help myself. I have to give into the temptation of consuming lots of fattening junk! I order a pizza and begin to stuff it all, I can feel myself becoming very aroused as I eat, faster and faster! I am sitting on the bed shovelling food into my mouth, completely out of control! After I am finished I lay on the bed and begin to rub my ballooning belly, while as I eat spray cream, it is HUGE and I am so very horny! http://bonnie.bigcuties.com/ http://www.bigcuties.com/blog Bon x
  2. Wouldn’t you love to make Zelda your FAT pig? Bend her over on the bed, rubbing her HUGE arse and slapping it too. Then proceeding to shove endless cream cakes into her salivating mouth? She wants you to fatten her up more, even though you have already turned her into your HUGE ball of fat! Making her beg everyday for more and more, you love it and she does too. You need to fatten her up even more, make her more unrecognizable. Link will never even know it’s her! http://bonnie.bigcuties.com/ http://www.bigcuties.com/blog Bon x
  3. I want you to make me much, MUCH fatter. I want you to be the one responsible for growing all my fat rolls, the one shoving endless fattening treats into my mouth. Watching me grow fatter and fatter day in and day out. Your growing fat piggy, yours alone. You know how much it excites me to grow for you, to see the desire in your eyes as I stuff more and more food each day. Watching your delight as I moan and groan that I am too stuffed to move. When I become breathless from all the food I have consumed and when I’m so stuffed the it is painful too. You love it and I do too, so can you please just come and make me into the fattest blob ever! http://bonnie.bigcuties.com/ http://www.bigcuties.com/blog Bon x
  4. Look at me. Look how fat I am now. These old clothes of mine do not even fit anymore. I couldn’t wear these to the gym even IF I wanted to (Haha but like I even go to the gym!) I’m such a HUGE blob these days! Come watch me as I struggle into my old exercise clothes. Can you imagine if I actually went to the gym wearing these? My rolls of fat over flowing and hanging out for all to see. Jiggling crazily while I attempted to walk on the treadmill, we all know I’m not even going to attempt to run, I’m far too fat for that now! I doubt I could even try or 5 seconds!!! I am just too lazy, practically living as though I were immobile on some days. I just laze about and stuff and stuff. I did love squeezing back into these old clothes though, as it is very sexy to see just how far I have come. http://bonnie.bigcuties.com/ http://www.bigcuties.com/blog Bon x
  5. I have had this fantasy for years where a pirate captures me and ties me to a chair before force feeding me. I have to admit that it was hard to fake a struggle as I couldn’t contain my utter excitement and arousal in this video! I really cannot act like a person who is being stuffed against their will, I just love it far too much! As I sat strapped to the chair, I was bursting out of my corset and I could feel it becoming tighter and tighter as my pirate shoved more food down my throat. I was wriggling about on the chair as I could feel myself get more and more aroused, I just wanted him to rip off my corset and stuff me some more and….haha well you can imagine the rest!! http://bonnie.bigcuties.com/ http://www.bigcuties.com/blog Bon x
  6. This is one of my most biggest fantasies! So I decided to role-play in this video to show it to all of you! Since you have been away at work your maid hasn’t been bothering to clean. In fact instead of cleaning your house, she has been raiding your fridge and stuffing all your food, lazing about on the sofa eating junk and doing as little work as possible! Now due to her lazy days and gorging relentlessly on food, she has started to notice her uniform getting a little snug, but is in complete denial and decides that it must have accidentally shrunk in the wash. No way had she gained weight! Suddenly hearing the keys rattling in the door she quickly started to clean, upon seeing her you are shocked and amazed! There she was bursting out of her uniform, at least 3 stone heavier than when you last saw her! You couldn’t wait to entice her over to the bed so you could explore all her new fat rolls! http://bonnie.bigcuties.com/ http://www.bigcuties.com/blog Bon x
  7. Christmas is always one of the most fattening times for me. I tend to eat more and always buy even more chocolates too! I laze about all day, especially on Christmas day and just gorge on cakes, crisps, chocolates and have at least 2, if not 3 dinners too! I just have no control, even less than usual! I really do associate Christmas with gaining lots of weight, everyone tends to get a little bit fatter around this holiday. Knowing that spurs me on to get A LOT fatter ready for the New Year! In this video I wore my VERY tight Christmas onesie and stuffed myself on 4 boxes of potato wedges, pizza and cookies. It felt so good to fill my belly up with all that food. I could feel myself becoming very bloated and even though I felt like couldn’t eat another bite, I still could not stop stuffing. As I lay on my bed rubbing my ballooning belly, I felt so turned on while I grabbed another cookie and stuffed it into my mouth. I was moaning in sheer ecstasy as I ate everything. After I had finished, I only wished that I had bought more food! In total I ate over 4000 calories in under 30 minutes! I am such a gluttonous and greedy FAT pig and I love it!! http://bonnie.bigcuties.com/ http://www.bigcuties.com/blog Bon x
  8. It has been a couple of years since I last put this costume on (the previous video is on my members blog as a bonus if you want to check it out!) & I cannot believe how much tighter it is on me now! It was such a struggle to drag it up over my fat thighs, the material was digging into all my fat and once I had managed to pull it up, I then had the struggle to get it over my HUGE arse and belly too! As I pulled and pulled I could hear tiny ripping sounds, but I ignored it and continued to yank it up over my arse, breathing heavily as I did so because it was absolutely exhausting!! Haha and I’m also extremely unfit too!! When I had managed to pull it up over my hips I looked down and to my shock I saw holes in the costume. My fat had burst out through it!! That didn’t ever happen before! I also could not pull it up over my boobs at all! The comparison to when I wore it last was so utterly sexy! It aroused me so much! Hope you feel the same! http://bonnie.bigcuties.com/ http://bonnie.bigcuties.com/members/blog/?p=795 <—— Link to my previous video where I struggled into it! Bon x
  9. I know you have noticed me getting fatter, you can see that I’m outgrowing my clothes and hear that I am panting desperately when I climb the stairs. I am becoming so fat and unfit! All I do is laze about all day stuffing lots of junk food. I’m just a huge blob these days! I just cannot stop, it turns me on so much. Feeling myself bursting out of my old clothes but still struggling into them daily, it is just so arousing. Come and hear what I want you to do to me, how I want you to fatten me up even more. I confess, I absolutely love feederism and want to be your HUGE fat pig. (You can watch and download this video on my members blog) http://bonnie.bigcuties.com/
  10. As you all know, stuffing arouses me so much!! I get so horny when I stuff loads of food and feel my sexiest when my belly is all tight and bloated. When it looks HUGE from all the food, like I have swallowed a massive beach ball. It is just so hot! So after going to the McDonald’s drive thru (something I do ALL the time!) I was so horny! First I ate 4 large meals and as I still wasn’t satisfied, I went back to the drive thru and ordered more food again! Another 2 meals plus a muffin and 3 donuts! After all that, my jeans were digging into my fat belly and I couldn’t wait to get them off! Laying on the bed I rubbed my ballooning belly while I talked about how aroused I was from all that food and how I still wanted to eat even more! http://bonnie.bigcuties.com/ http://www.bigcuties.com/blog
  11. I am your fat queen and I want you to worship me. After a HUGE stuffing I really feel how I look- like a MASSIVE snowball! I feel like a can barely breathe, my belly has ballooned so much since eating lots of Pizza, chips and cake. I really am such a greedy fatty! My feeder has been encouraging me all day to eat more for him, to grow fatter for him and now that I am stuffed the point of breathlessness, he begins to worship my fat body.http://bonnie.bigcuties.com/ http://www.bigcuties.com/blog Bon x
  12. Finally that time again, one of my favourite holidays as I get to stuff LOADS of junk. Haha I know do everyday anyway, but I like to make sure I eat more chocolate than usual on Halloween! My friend and I were discussing going out to a Halloween party but as I had nothing to wear I informed her I couldn’t go! My skinny friend went into her wardrobe and produced a tiny zombie dress, a UK size 8! She happily told me that I could wear this and some leggings too and said not to worry as it was very stretchy! I wasn’t convinced but I took it home to try on and couldn’t believe what a struggle it was! I wanted to show off as I struggled into my skinny friend’s dress and stretched it out. I have to really shove my fat rolls into the material and I was still overflowing everywhere! It looked so hot! To think that this dress hangs off my friend too!! It is a crazy comparison! I will be wearing this out for the Halloween party, letting it all hang out! http://bonnie.bigcuties.com/ http://www.bigcuties.com/blog Bon x
  13. I decided to be a complete and utter pig, haha same as usual! I went to the shop and bought myself 6 donuts and a tub of ice cream. I was already very full from an earlier stuffing but that didn’t stop me! I shoved the donuts into my mouth as though I hadn’t eaten for days, my already painfully bursting stomach was becoming more bloated with every single bite, but I still could not stop. I was insatiable! I just had to keep on eating! I grabbed the ice cream tub and chugged most of it down, dripping it all down my chin and boobs in the process, as I was so eager to get it inside me as quickly as possible. When I had finished I stood up and proudly showed off my belly, telling you all how much my weight gain arouses me, how much more I am going to gain and how horny I am after stuffing all that food. I was extremely turned on in this video, I’m sure you will all see that too!! This is an extra long update 15+ minutes, so enjoy! http://bonnie.bigcuties.com/ http://www.bigcuties.com/blog Bon x