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  1. Finally that time again, one of my favourite holidays as I get to stuff LOADS of junk. Haha I know do everyday anyway, but I like to make sure I eat more chocolate than usual on Halloween! My friend and I were discussing going out to a Halloween party but as I had nothing to wear I informed her I couldn’t go! My skinny friend went into her wardrobe and produced a tiny zombie dress, a UK size 8! She happily told me that I could wear this and some leggings too and said not to worry as it was very stretchy! I wasn’t convinced but I took it home to try on and couldn’t believe what a struggle it was! I wanted to show off as I struggled into my skinny friend’s dress and stretched it out. I have to really shove my fat rolls into the material and I was still overflowing everywhere! It looked so hot! To think that this dress hangs off my friend too!! It is a crazy comparison! I will be wearing this out for the Halloween party, letting it all hang out! http://bonnie.bigcuties.com/ http://www.bigcuties.com/blog Bon x
  2. I decided to be a complete and utter pig, haha same as usual! I went to the shop and bought myself 6 donuts and a tub of ice cream. I was already very full from an earlier stuffing but that didn’t stop me! I shoved the donuts into my mouth as though I hadn’t eaten for days, my already painfully bursting stomach was becoming more bloated with every single bite, but I still could not stop. I was insatiable! I just had to keep on eating! I grabbed the ice cream tub and chugged most of it down, dripping it all down my chin and boobs in the process, as I was so eager to get it inside me as quickly as possible. When I had finished I stood up and proudly showed off my belly, telling you all how much my weight gain arouses me, how much more I am going to gain and how horny I am after stuffing all that food. I was extremely turned on in this video, I’m sure you will all see that too!! This is an extra long update 15+ minutes, so enjoy! http://bonnie.bigcuties.com/ http://www.bigcuties.com/blog Bon x