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    I shot a set in this bikini two years ago. It’s hard to believe I can still squeeze into it! It may be EXTRA small on me now, but I still love the way it hugs my curves. I hope you do too! BoBerry My Site: http://boberry.bigcuties.com Free BC Blog: http://www.bigcuties.com/blog My Tumblr: http://bigcutieboberry.tumblr.com
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    Hello fright fans, I’m your Demonic Seductress and tonight you’ll be my puny play thing! I’m going to over power you, squash the life out of you and make you beg for air! The joys of being evil! http://porcelain.bbwfoxes.com/
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    Halloween is so much fun because we get to pull out those fun naughty little costumes we have been waiting all year to wear. I have always wanted to dress up as a naughty school girl and this year and I am showing off all my new curves just for you in this “Scary Sexy” update! How would you like to be sitting next to me in class? I bet we could get you really distracted! Xoxo, Skylar Come see this and more at: http://skylar.bigcuties.com Free BigCuties Blog: http://www.bigcuties.com/blog Twitter: @bigcutieskylar Tumblr: https://bigcutieskylar.com
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    Happy (late) Halloween!! I bought this costume last year and I remember trying it on and giving up halfway because it was so tight and almost impossible to wear. So for some reason I thought I’d try it again this year and see how it went. I filmed the video first because I had no idea if I could even get this on and I wanted it captured on film. So be sure to watch to see how tight it really is! My Website: www.cherries.bigcuties.com The BigCuties Blog: www.bigcuties.com/blog Love, Cherries Follow Me: www.twitter.com/cherriies www.heyitscherries.tumblr.com www.instagram.com/heyitscherries Free SnapChat: heyitscherries
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    It shouldn't be any surprise by now that I absolutely love fall and Halloween. I mean honestly - I don't know many fat kids who didn't adore Halloween. A day where you get to stay up late, dress up as whoever you want, and get free candy in return? There wasn't anything not to love I was a little sad as an adult because I wasn't allowed to go door to door for free candy anymore, but that feeling quickly dissipated when I realized that I could just have candy whenever I wanted! Sure, it wasn't free, but I also didn't have to exercise in order to get said candy - definitely a fair trade off in my mind! For this set I wanted dress up in some cute spooky attire for yall and indulge on a festive treat. These sugar cookies with sprinkles are super adorable, so yummy, and incredibly easy to just eat back to back. I think you'll appreciate how deliciously round I look in this as well. http://www.beccabae.com/ http://www.bigcuties.com/blog/ Happy belated Halloween, cuties! Hugs, Loves, and Plenty of Noms, Beccabae
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    How cute is this bikini?? I ordered it in a 2x and surprise surprise, it doesn’t fit like a 2x! It still looks amazing on me and that’s what matters! It really accentuates my curves in all the right places, don’t you think? My Website: www.cherries.bigcuties.com The BigCuties Blog: www.bigcuties.com/blog Love, Cherries Follow Me: www.twitter.com/cherriies www.heyitscherries.tumblr.com www.instagram.com/heyitscherries Free SnapChat: heyitscherries
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    Finally that time again, one of my favourite holidays as I get to stuff LOADS of junk. Haha I know do everyday anyway, but I like to make sure I eat more chocolate than usual on Halloween! My friend and I were discussing going out to a Halloween party but as I had nothing to wear I informed her I couldn’t go! My skinny friend went into her wardrobe and produced a tiny zombie dress, a UK size 8! She happily told me that I could wear this and some leggings too and said not to worry as it was very stretchy! I wasn’t convinced but I took it home to try on and couldn’t believe what a struggle it was! I wanted to show off as I struggled into my skinny friend’s dress and stretched it out. I have to really shove my fat rolls into the material and I was still overflowing everywhere! It looked so hot! To think that this dress hangs off my friend too!! It is a crazy comparison! I will be wearing this out for the Halloween party, letting it all hang out! http://bonnie.bigcuties.com/ http://www.bigcuties.com/blog Bon x
  10. 4 points
    Check me out as a modern day Snow White while I down a bottle of apple juice and take a ton of selfies. My camera doesn't talk back to me, but thankfully I have all of you to tell my I'm the fairest (or fattest!) of them all xoxo, Ruby See this set and more at http://ruby.bigcuties.com/ Follow me on tumblr https://bigcutieruby.tumblr.com/ See all the BigCuties at http://bigcuties.com/blog/
  11. 4 points
    The fatter I grow, the better I get at cuddling. I may take up more than half of a king size mattress, but I promise you’ll still be comfy!! Come squish me up!!!! BoBerry My Site:http://boberry.bigcuties.com Free BC Blog: http://www.bigcuties.com/blog My Tumblr: http://bigcutieboberry.tumblr.com
  12. 4 points
    AUDITION TIME! I need new boytoy. Take a peek at an interview I did while in search of a BoyToy. I explain exactly what I need and then take a test ride to see how that dick performed. COMING SOON to my website.... UPDATED EVERY 4 DAYS ACCESS TO MY PREMIUM SNAPCHAT JOIN TODAY
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    It's that time of year! The air is cold and crisp, full of spirits. And this bewitching beauty is cuddled up on the couch waiting for you to come home so we can warm things up. Let's start with a massage. We can flip a coin to see who goes first... heads I win, tails you lose! Find this update and lots more at http://caitidee.com! Fat, Happy, Hungry, CaitiDee Follow me! http://twitter.com/ssbbwcaitidee http://caitidee.tumblr.com snapchat @ caitidee More free content! http://www.bigcuties.com/blog
  14. 4 points
    See more of Scarlett at BBWRoyalty.com
  15. 4 points
    Not ready to say goodbye to Halloween? Check out my site for my DOUBLE HALLOWEEN UPDATE! jessicalust4you.com UPDATED EVERY 4 DAYS! MEMBERS GET MY PREMIUM SNAPCHAT to be able to interact with me daily!
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    I’ve been talking to this guy for about a week, and he invited me to his place. I went into the bathroom and couldn’t stop farting. I get so embarrassed thinking that he might hear me. God why do I have to be so gassy and why do my farts have to be so loud? He wonders where I am and I have to tell him I’m busy freshening up, when in reality I’m on his toilet releasing so many loud juicy farts. I wish I knew if he was into it or not. I sit on the toilet and keep farting until I can’t anymore. I really hope he doesn’t go into the bathroom once I’m done exploding with gas. 5 mins | 1080p HD | $10.99 Buy full video here! Also available on manyvids! Find me on social media Twitter: @thickstprincess Tumblr: thickestprincess Instagram: @thickest.princess Snapchat: thickstprincess
  18. 4 points
    A few weeks ago, someone sent me a very generous gift card from Red Lobster. I had an absolute blast feasting to my heart's content. I ate so much food I was almost drunk on food. My belly was stretched to it's maximum. When I got home my clothes were just restrictive and I felt so full and swollen that I just had to be naked. I passed out for a long nap after that then woke up for dinner ravenously hungry. There's something about eating a giant meal early in the day that makes me insatiable later on. Cupcakes and Kisses, Marilyn
  19. 4 points
    For Halloween, I embraced my inner nerd, but my Hogwarts uniform is very tight. I already popped some buttons on my sweater. I’m gathered a giant candy hoard all for myself. I’m supposed to share my stash with the trick or treaters, but we all know how I feel about sharing …it’s a big bowl and I’m digging in! Check out all my photos and videos at http://trysta.bigcuties.com And don’t miss the Big Cuties blog at http://www.bigcuties.com/blog
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    Here’s a scene from awhile back! It was my first time shooting with Bunny De La Cruz. Her soft, delicious body and breasts had me so turned on before we even started! We got so turned on and played together, making each other cum so many times with our fingers and tongues and lips. I hope it turns you on as much as it does me! Check out this scene and MORE at my website jessicalust4you.com Updates every 4 days Members have access to my premium snapchat
  22. 4 points
    We've got an update from the big and babely Quinn for you over at Bonanza!! Join her outside in the sun, and check her out as she bares her belly for you! See this set, and many other models, over at http://bonanza.bigcuties.com
  23. 3 points
    A few months ago I bought my costume in a bigger size but when it's time to put it on I have to struggle with it. Watch as I struggle to pull up my fishnet stockings, huffing and puffing as I try to get the fabric up over my big thick thighs I end up ripping holes in them. By time I get them up I'm exhausted and out of breath, huffing and puffing. Come over and watch me struggle with this too tight costume! Lots of face stuffing, weight gain, tight clothes, outgrown clothes, feedee fun at https://bbwsurf.com/bbwpandamoo/ or www.bbwpandamoo.com
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    NUT DEEP IN ME I want you to cream pie my cute chubby pussy! Stuff your cock deep inside of me and release all of your nut mmm I want to feel your warm cum inside me, leaking out of my pussy hole. Watch as I fuck myself and tell you how badly I want you to cum inside of me with a spectacular ending of cum leaking from my creamy cunt! https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/101511/20513939/NUT+DEEP+IN+ME!+(MOV)
  25. 3 points
    Hello fright fans, I’m your Demonic Seductress and tonight you’ll be my puny play thing! I’m going to over power you, squash the life out of you and make you beg for air! The joys of being evil! http://porcelain.bbwfoxes.com/
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