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  1. 5 points
    Jeans were my holy grail wardrobe item for so long, and now that I have them I can see that all of that searching was so worth it! See this and hundreds more sets representing hundreds of pounds of weight gain only atHTTP://ASH.BIGCUTIES.COMTumblr: http://www.tumblr.com/suchafatashTwitter: http://www.twitter.com/ashbigcutiesWishlist: https://amzn.com/w/179ATMV0S2E7NBC Blog: http://www.BIGCUTIES.COM/BLOG
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    With major festivals being on hold for a while, I thought it would be fun to bring a festival to you!!! I wish we could dance together in the great outdoors, and camp under the big beautiful sky. Until then, let your imagination run wild with this set. What would you do if you saw me dressed like this at a festival? I hope you'd come over and say hi! BoBerryMy Site: boberry.bigcuties.comFree BC Blog: www.bigcuties.com/blogInstagram: @OfficialBoBerry
  3. 4 points
    I thought it would be fun to do a more casual set for you all and show you one of my hobbies - playing keyboard. Not really the typical sexy set, but I figured this would be intimate in another way.This bench (which, kudos for handling all this weight!) tends to make me look pretty massive. I'm pretty sure I ordered an extra wide one and even this is terribly close to me hanging off the sides, hehe.For the video I kept it simple and decided I would just show me trying to recall some songs I know - I have a bad habit of not practicing consistently. It's a little silly and shows off my more shy, 'every day' self. It helps that my arms and hands look adorably chubby when playing. BIGCUTIES.COM - Model: Beccabae - Stunning, Young, Plump, Pear Shaped BBW - Adorable, Bottom Heavy Plumper also known as Pearchan on the Net. Enjoy!Hugs, Loves, and Plenty of Noms,Beccabae
  4. 4 points
    We've got another update from the big and busty Allison for you over at Bonanza!! She's taking time to lotion up her big sexy body, and she knows how much you love to watch, so come on over and take a peek! See this update and many other models over at http://bonanza.bigcuties.com
  5. 4 points
    I am so utterly HUGE now! Look at me! A massive, sexy, ball of FAT! I know how much you love me being so much fatter than you. It excites you, doesn’t it?To know that I am much bigger that I can easily pin you beneath me. You would be trapped helplessly underneath my rolls of flab, unable to move. Even if you struggle, it would be pointless. I would completely dominate you with my immense weight. I love feeling you struggle for breath beneath me, I feel like a sexy & powerful fat queen. BIGCUTIES.COM - Model: Bonnie - British Big Bellied and Bottom Heavy Babe BBW - She loves her growing belly and body, come share her sexy show-off journey! https://bigcuties.com/blog/
  6. 4 points
    Trysta is ready for a night of snackin’ in the hot tub! She’s got a platter of smores at the ready, and she’s going to eat each and every one! See this set and more at http://trysta.bigcuties.com
  7. 4 points
    You know what’s better than a big box loaded with sugary sweet donuts? You hand feeding them to me until I’m ready to pop. Come help me load up! Xoxo, Skylar Come see this and more at: BIGCUTIES.COM - Model: Skylar - Irresistibly Stunning Plumper with curves that are out of control! BigCutie Skylar's pear shaped booty and growing belly will delight you. BBW beauty who is a foodie turned feedee <3 Free BigCuties Blog: BIGCUTIES.COM BLOG Twitter: @BigCutieSkylar Tumblr: https://bigcutieskylar.com
  8. 3 points
    Not much furniture is up to the task of holding up all of this, but I am basically as big as a sofa myself so...See this and hundreds more sets representing hundreds of pounds of weight gain only atHTTP://ASH.BIGCUTIES.COMTumblr: http://www.tumblr.com/suchafatashTwitter: http://www.twitter.com/ashbigcutiesWishlist: https://amzn.com/w/179ATMV0S2E7NBC Blog: http://www.BIGCUTIES.COM/BLOG
  9. 3 points
    Quarantine has made me even lazier than I was before. I order so much take out because I’m too lazy to cook haha. I’ve had a lot of time to online shop. This dress is a new fav. So tight! I love how it hugs all of my rolls and makes my belly hang outline show. Luscious XOXOBIGCUTIES.COM - Model: Luscious - Beautiful, Young, Big Bellied BBW - Exotic Looks, Growing Belly, & So So Soft!
  10. 3 points
    Getting clothes on this giant body is always a challenge, but getting this big fat ass and these colossal thunder thighs in jeans is a true feat. Come watch me try to do the impossible! My Site: http://eve.bigcuties.com BigCuties Blog: http://www.bigcuties.com/blog More of me: http://bigcutieeve.tumblr.com http://twitter.com/bigcutieeve
  11. 3 points
    I love talking about myself and seeing what kinds of things you want to know about me, so it was time for a Q&A! There’s always some similar questions each time, but there are also so many different ones that I’m always surprised by and I love doing these videos for this reason. I’m sure it can get boring listening to me talk, so I do move around and play with my belly. I even measure how many Snickers bars I can hold under my belly, so I keep things exciting!Thank you to everyone who sent me questions, I received so many that I couldn’t answer them all because this video is already so long. I’ll have to do another one for you sometime!My Website: www.cherries.bigcuties.comThe BigCuties Blog: www.bigcuties.com/blogLove, Cherries Follow Me:www.twitter.com/cherriieswww.heyitscherries.tumblr.com
  12. 3 points
    Brianna is lookin’ so huge and so hot as she waddles her way through the way tiny doors!! She’s so wide she’s got to turn to the side to get through the doors, but when she forgets, she gets wedged right in them! See this set and more at http://brianna.bigcuties.com
  13. 3 points
    Time for a not-so-little tummy rub. My belly is so soft and squishy that once I start playing with it, I just can’t stop. Come along and watch every bounce and jiggle. http://sadie.bigcuties.com http://www.bigcuties.com/blog
  14. 3 points
    I love dinosaurs so when I saw this cute bra and panty set I had to get it. I really like how well the panties fit and hold my belly in nicely. You can see them struggling a little though, so I let my belly free and it’s comfy that way too! Do you want to rub my belly while I sit and read in this cute outfit? I would love it if you did...My Website: www.cherries.bigcuties.comThe BigCuties Blog: www.bigcuties.com/blogLove, Cherries Follow Me:www.twitter.com/cherriieswww.heyitscherries.tumblr.com
  15. 3 points
    Get my hot giantess fart fetish/asshole fetish HD video right now! Download Giantess Ass Harboring Tiny Fugitives at my clip stores: Clips4Sale ManyVids ModelHub While working out on my exercise ball I hear these strange sounds. I stop and say What's that noise? Maybe I'm hearing things. I shrug & go back to what I was doing. OK Now I know I'm not hearing things. What is that sound? I look around to find source of noise. I say where is that noise coming from? After searching I finally find the source. I jump back and scream! Who are you? What are you? And WTF are doing in my room?! You're hiding? From who? What's going on? I start looking out windows. There's a bunch of agents outside my house! OMG! What's going on? You're innocent & you will explain later? You better! Can you hide me? Can I hide you?! I ponder for a short time thinking of a safe place. I have JUST the perfect spot! I scoop the tiny fugitive up into my hand, turn around & get ready to stuff him in butt hole. I spread my giant sweaty ass cheeks and stuff him up my sweaty chute and slam my massive butt cheeks closed. There! They definitely won't find you there! OK you're safe but you better explain WTF is going on. Oh no! They're knocking on my door! Shhhhhh be quiet & stop squirming! It's stinky & sweaty because I've been working out and havent had a shower yet. I go to door show door just open a little & here's Dectective Butts. Have I seen who? What is the description? Nope haven't seen him. Give me a card just in case I do & I will call you right away. Ok thank you! Have a good day! Ok they left. I look over and see another tiny fugitive. Now you better start explaining what the hell is going on! Where is your friend? A safe place. And you're going to join your friend until I get to the bottom of this mess. I start grabbing my big belly. Oh no! All that excitement got me nervous and gassy. When my anxiety gets going I get gassy. I start farting. Oh no! I farted on him & may have given him a concussion or worse. I'm really sorry about this. Oh that smells really bad. I shouldn't have ate those enchiladas. Oh no! Here comes another one! I fart again Of all the places to hide you?! Well I knew it was the only place they wouldn't find you. I cant stop farting! One big blast & he flies out of my ass giving him a concussion. He feels woozy & dizzy. How do you feel? Weak? Disoriented? Good. I grab card, pick up phone call agent. I knew they were looking for you. I saw your face and tiny stature on the news. You didn't think I was going to harbor a mini fugitive and not collect on the reward? Hello agent Butts yes this is Miss Mina Luciano. I have the mini fugitive you've been looking for. Yes. I'd like to collect my reward money now. Ok I'll be waiting. Oh don't worry he's not going anywhere. I get a knock on my door. Hello detective. Now I can expect that reward money in my account in a few days? OK perfect! I reach in the back of my work out leggings and hand over the mini fugitives. They might be a little stinky. DON'T ASK! It's a long story. I close door. Get a call on my phone it's the detective. Jails are full I will have to keep him here for a while. How long? I'm not really sure. Detective did not give me a time frame. It could be awhile. Now where to put you so you don't flee. Hmmmm :::ponder::: I got it! I have just the perfect place. A place they are familiar with and will never escape. My asshole. Now back to working out on my exercise ball. Keywords/Includes: BBW, PAWG, small, tiny, mini, miniature, giant, giantess, macrophilia, macrophile, amazon, growth fetish, sweat, sweating, sweat fetish, leggings, tights, leggings fetish, tights fetish, boyshorts, silk panties, panties, sheer panties, orange panties, panty fetish, exercise, exercising, workout, working out, fart, farts, farting, fart fetish, stinky, smelly, big woman, big beautiful woman, POV, spandex, eye glasses, glasses, fantasy, role-play, role play, fat, giant ass, giantess ass, goddess, bbw goddess, solo model, amateur, mature, curvy, curves, chubby, plus size, plus sized, big legs, big thighs, thick, thick woman, thick thighs, domination, femdom, miss mina, asshole flexing, asshole winking, asshole puckering, asshole, asshole fetish, BBW asshole, hairy asshole, extreme close ups, closeups, ass spreading, ass flexing, ass shaking, cellulite, cellulite ass, BBW ass, big booty, big ass, plus size, plus sized, tease, cock tease, jiggle, wiggle, butt shaking, earthquake ass, shaking ass, rump shaker, ass worship, grinding, hip grinding, BBW ass worship, ass fetish, asshole, asshole fetish, asshole winking, asshole puckering, asshole flexing, big butt, big booty, whooty, big ass, BBW ass, POV, bubble butt, bubble ass, fat ass, cellulite, wide hips, pear shaped, bottom heavy, ass spreading, BBW Goddess, Goddess, BBW ass worship, big butt, big ass, big booty, bbw ass, ass fetish, ass shaking, booty shaking, ass flexing, ass muscle, strong booty, white ass, white booty, ass bouncing, booty bouncing, bare ass, ass cheeks, ass spreading, big booty spreading, big ass spreading, butt cheeks, ass grabbing, ass squeezing, amateur, mature, glasses, eye glasses, fat ass, thick, ass clenching, ass flexing, butt flexing, cellulite, dirty talk, talking dirty, ass shaking, butt shaking, booty shaking, butt spreading, legs, leg fetish, asshole, butt hole, tight asshole, booty hole, ass tease, cock tease, teasing, talking dirty, dirty talk, solo, solo female, solo bbw, curvy, curves, chubby, mature, amateur, fetish, porn, video, clip, video clip, custom, custom video, custom clip, miss mina, mina luciano, godmotherofass, godmother of ass & much more! Subscribe to my NEW Only Fans page for $5 a month (LIMITED TIME): OnlyFans.com/GodMotherOfAss Want A More Personal Experience With The GodMother? Join My OnlyFans: OnlyFans.com/GodMotherOfAss Updated Frequently With Hot Solo BBW PAWG Fetish Pictures, Videos, Audio 4,483 Photos 387 Videos 119 Audio Weekly Exclusive Candid Video Blogs 1 On 1 Chat In My DMs Buy A lot Of My Custom Content? Ask Me About Loyalty Discounts Every Month My Top Fan Get A FREE Custom Video FREE Dick Rate For Every Subscriber FREE Fan Sign For Every Subscriber Set Your Subscription To Renew To Get Random Freebies In Your Inbox Horror Trivia Play For A Chance To Win Prizes Returning Soon! Q & A Videos Coming Soon Interactive Polls Live Cam Shows Are Coming Back! Get Addicted To The GodMother DMs open! Make a request! I want to know what makes you cum! Plus much more! Get addicted! OnlyFans.com/GodMotherOfAss Want something a little bit more specific & personal? Custom high quality videos & pic sets are available. Email me at GodMotherOfAss@protonmail.com for rates & info on a custom that YOU direct! More video previews CLICK HERE Call me on my REAL cellphone. Got something naughty you want to tell me? Do you like phone sex? Call me and let's talk. You can text me too! I'll be waiting for you.
  16. 3 points
    Ash thought these shorts looked like her favorite fruity gum from the 90s, and that she’d be able to wear them under all her summer dresses to prevent the dreaded chub rub! They look so cute on, but are definitely no match for those thunder thighs! See this set and more at http://ash.bigcuties.com
  17. 3 points
    BoBerry has been home a lot more, and baking a lot more, and she can’t resist tasting some of the yummy batter, every single time! This time she made a special batter with no eggs, and she can eat as much as she wants!! See this set and more at http://boberry.bigcuties.com
  18. 2 points
    Hey everyone! It has been a bit since I have been on but I am back browsing around and wanted to say say hi! Can't wait to meet new friends.
  19. 2 points
    BBW Mouth Play, Lip Biting, Drool This is a close-up view of my face and squished cleavage for those of you who enjoy mouth play... Clips4sale.com - BBW category
  20. 2 points
    Up Close BBW Masturbation Your Naughty Slut Sadie... Clips4sale.com - BBW category
  21. 2 points
    Yummy burger time! I love a good greasy cheeseburger and fries! straight to the belly to fatten up this piggy even more!SUBSCRIBE for over 100+ sets! -----> http://chloe.bigcuties.comSNAPCHAT -----> bigcutiechloeBIGCUTIES BLOG -----> BIGCUTIES.COM BLOG
  22. 2 points
    Mirrored BBW Stockings Tease Enjoy the view as I slowly worship my plump body, jiggling and squishing all my softest parts... Clips4sale.com - BBW category
  23. 2 points
    Beccabae is a pudgy pastel princess in her new update, and we just can’t get enough! All those soft colors draped on her soft body, we dream about just sinking into her as we cuddle up in bed! See this set and more at http://beccabae.bigcuties.com
  24. 2 points
    Stairs and SSBBW pears don’t mix. I avoid them whenever possible but if I have to walk up them, I hear the view from ‘behind” isn’t too bad You should come watch me climb these! http://sadie.bigcuties.com http://www.bigcuties.com/blog
  25. 2 points
    Looking at my pictures people always think I’m smaller than I actually am. Then they meet me and they’re totally shocked. So, what exactly does a 6ft tall woman who is wider than a doorway weigh? Well, now’s time time to find out. Come have a look. http://eve.bigcuties.com http://www.bigcuties.com/blog
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