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HAPPY Belated New Year I lost my computer and my Phone before christmas

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SO IVE BEEN PLAYING CATCH UP EVER since ugh not fun I had to figure out a new phone a friend gave me his old computer the sweet man but i had to get professionals to down load all the stuff from my old one which I think mom knocked down off the table as my screen was broken from one side and it was sitting on my couch when i returned from shopping and mom had put a vase of flowers where i had left it!  I DID ASK CAUSE MOM IS 85 WITH SOME DEMENTIA SO IT ISNT worth fighting with her when she doesn't remember and YOU know My Mom never  admitted to being wrong ever my whole life! !  Well i got a chance to make some videos finally after all the holiday and computer stuff I am including a small sample with my balloons!  see what else is new out door videos in my garden and always other things that you might enjoy from your naughty Mature Nurse Vicki  Have fun and tell me what you think ! https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/12488/your-bbw-nurse-vicki-

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