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Well its Monday night again!

What did you do this weekend? Have you had an adventure ! ?  I am going to ren faire the up coming weekend if your in the San Antonio Texas area You might check it out! https://www.groupon.com/deals/kerrville-renaissance-festival-presented-by-illusions-into-reality-3 !

This weekend I went bedroom shopping with my new guy, that I am dating! Picked out a sexy bedroom set! He wanted my input ! Of course I adored the wooden set that had pillars to tied me up on ! LOL ! Well maybe soon we will be having adventures in bed!  We seem to enjoy each others company and he wants to take me to ren faire this coming weekend And since I can walk so much better then before I am so excited to go! No scooter this time and i will have my camera!  I hope he wants to take some naughty photos or videos of me!  Well I guess we have to wait and see !   I addede a few photos of me and my friends play with balloons if you like balloon play check them out here   I need to make some new ones any ideas what i should do with the balloons  Been awhile! Well have fun till I Blog again!




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