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I went to a professional shoot yesterday!

Its been a long time since I was with a professional Artist photographer!

It was so Great ! We worked on Bondage photos and videos!  I am editing videos we made and here are a few photos from the shoot!  I am feeling pretty good about my self ! I am not hurting to badly to day an issue I had a lot when i was so much heavier! My legs use to cramp and back would spasm! I am glad I can do more then when i was 450 ! Life is better! No i will be in pain for a few days but I take a lot less pain meds and Aleve usually does the trick as well  as an Ice Pack ! Yes I still have physical issues and I always will with the 3 pinched nerves in my back and other problems with my knees and shoulder! I am now 55 so i feel pretty go better then when hubby was alive ! It has been 3 years since the gastric bypass ! Iossed from 450 down to 260 and now I am basically stable at 280 I hope to maintain that weight or less! It is so wonderful to need so much less pills Like  insulin  4 times a day Blood presser med, allergy  meds, asthma meds, cholesterol meds!  Now I only take a  antidepressant medication, vitamins with iron and pain meds ! I can walk and am much happier!  I can perform again I Love being a fat adult entertainer making videos and doing photos!









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YOU will be able to see more Bondage photos soon here on my new photographer rigger and Artist friends new site will be up this weekend he says SnidleyDR.com if your on fetlife,com check him out and tell him Nurse Vicki told you to say HI https://fetlife.com/users/708829

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