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Who Am I

Goddess Anna


For those who haven't read any of my posts, read my profile, checked any of my links, followed me on twitter, seen my blogs, or checked out may Yahoo group, I thought I'd let you know a bit about me.
I started with Phonesex in 2007, both as a job and independently on Niteflirt. It was fun, and I am a very sexual woman, so I followed the road that led me down. I posted pictures, then more pictures, then started to sell them, and evolved into video clips. If you are contemplating whether or not you want to be self-employed as a model, or phone sex, or do "solo fetish porn" (like I do) on your own, I was able to go from renting with one vehicle , to buying a home and 2 vehicles in less than 10 years. That being said, there are always cons to anything you may choose. I have relationships, the ones closest to me know what I do, but I don't tell everyone simply because I don't think it is everyone's business. I am a private person, I don't date anyone I have met online until and unless I have known them a while as a friend, and I do enjoy my online relationships/friendships. I am a total geek-girl at heart, love gaming, horror movies, reading books, being creative, and driving (I seriously love cars, but mostly the classics). I can sew, and can change my own brakes on my car. I am not my job, but my job is what I want it to be. I've been in Georgia all my life, and may some day travel, but I'm pretty satisfied with where I'm at right now. I am always welcome to new friends and experiences, but even though I do model and show my body on clips & cam, it doesn't mean I am easy. Sex is sex, but the real enjoyment comes from the connection you can make with someone else above and beyond fucking. I am not religious, but I am spiritual, and I lean more towards Paganism and Buddhism than anything else. I am not a gainer, but I am in love with my body (especially the booty), and I respect other model's choices in doing what they enjoy.
Yes, I am more Dominant. Yes, I do switch. Yes, I have dabbled in BDSM. There is a lot more, but that is the basic idea of where I am coming from, if you were wondering. This will be all I post about my personal self for now, though. I think it's best to keep a little mystery, don't you think?


Now, back to you admiring the view from behind while you watch me slowly walk away.

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I'm sure that ass would be saying "Ba bump, ba bump, ba bump,"!

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