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Junk Food

Nowadays, the problem of healthy food is considered the most controversial one. There are many assumptions regarding this issue. The exclusive papers net  scholars are supporters of healthy food and stick to the point that this kind of food can help to improve individuals’ well-being and mood. The opponents of healthy food are of the opinion that this type of food is not tasty at all and it requires many preparations. Consequently, the latter point of view has caused the extreme development of fast food industry. Nowadays, many people eat fast food since it is delicious and quick to cook. In fact, the modern pace of life makes individuals buy this type of food. People do not have time to buy and then prepare food; they simply buy cooked fast food and run for their affairs. It sounds interesting, but no one speaks about the consequences of the consumption of the above-mentioned food. The lasting consumption of fast food can lead to obesity and serious health problems respectively. The objective of the paper is to provide the explanation of the fast food problem and propose the alternative solution to it. The problem of junk food consumption is extremely important nowadays. Analyzing the contemporary attitudes towards consumption of fast food, one may admit that people are obsessed with this kind of food. It absolutely true fact that any kind of food has to bring satisfaction and pleasure. Nevertheless, fast food brings it in enormous amount. That is to say, that people can endlessly buy junk food since they want to fill their stomachs and get the satisfaction from such food. On the one hand, it is good. Every human has a right to eat whatever he/she likes. On the other hand, the excessive usage of fast food leads to serious problems. The first and the most dangerous problem is obesity. Nowadays, many young people suffer from this disease. As Jaworowska et al. state in their article “Nutritional Challenges and Health Implications of Takeaway and Fast Food”, the consumption of junk food twice a week has been associated with 31% prevalence of obesity in men and a 25% higher prevalence in women. In fact, fast food destroys psychical and mental health of individuals. The reason is obvious - the excessive weight causes heart problems. The heart is considered the most important part of human organism, without which nobody can live. Consequently, if there are some problems with it, an individual’s life can be in danger. That is why the results can be fatal. Speaking about mental health, one may admit that extra weight destroys individuals’ personal life since because of extra weight a person cannot find his/her sweetheart. Moreover, overweight people worry about the attitude of society towards them. They realize that other members of the community could laugh at them because of their extra weight. All of this is the direct influence of the excessive consumption of fast food. One should realize that every piece of fast food contains dangerous substances. A good example can be the oil in which fast food products are fried. Almost all the fast food caf?s use the same oil for frying different products. If the oil is used for several times, it loses healthy properties and becomes dangerous for consumption. Jaworowska et al. assert that “takeaway and fast food, particularly French fries and deep-fried meats contain a large amount of TFAs from PHVO, which are used for deep frying.” This substance causes a negative influence on the human health. Moreover, here one may speak about the quality of the food consumed. Most of the individuals do not take into consideration the quality of the ingredients in their food. No one knows for sure whether the food elementals are fresh and ecologically substantial. Quality of meat, for example, is of great concern nowadays. Many researchers have been conducted in order to analyze the main reasons for the harmful effect of meat on humans’ health. The results show that some meat can contains dangerous bacteria. The emergence of it is caused by the feeding qualities at the farms. Nevertheless, the common consumer does not think about this issue and eats dangerous food. Analyzing the mentioned information, there should be taken some actions in order to limit the usage of junk food. The alternative solution can be the government interference in the issue of junk food. The government has to fix the problem. Here are some proposals of how the authority can change the situation. Firstly, the government should provide a thorough examination of the fast food cafes. The following aspects should be checked - food ingredients, the conditions in which the food is prepared, and the working staff. The government should establish a special committee that will run the mentioned examination. It will be responsible for checking all food ingredients starting from meat and ending with vegetables. Moreover, great attention should be paid to the working conditions. The order and cleanness will be the main objectives. One could not but forget about the staff. All the employees of the cafes must undergo medical examination and only after that, they can apply for the job. These measures are of paramount importance since not every fast food cafe can possess the mentioned criteria. The mentioned actions can help to reduce the number of the fast food cafes. Secondly, the regulations of the fast food cafes in residential areas should be another concern of the government. The government has to launch the campaign that will prohibit opening more than three fast food restaurants in the same residential area. South Los Angeles can serve as a great example of such an initiative where “a low-income and racial diverse area of the city, implemented widely publicized restrictions on the fast-food restaurants in 2008 and 2011. This type of actions helped limit the emergence of the new cafes and reduce the level of obesity in the country. Thirdly, the government should persuade people in the negative influence of fast food. While doing this, the government should bear in mind that most modern citizens cannot but imagine their lives without fast food. Consequently, its main objective will be to persuade them in the negative influence of the mentioned food. The common tool for doing it can be mass media. More to say, mass media is the most influential tool in the modern world. Many people use mass media for fulfilling their daily needs. That is why the government can use it as a persuasion tool. In fact, many fast food companies use mass media as the persuasive tool. In his article “Children’s Recall of Fast Food Television Advertising—Testing the Adequacy of Food Marketing Regulation”, Bernhardt notes that fast food restaurants “spent more than $ 487 million on promotion activities” on the television. Therefore, the government can use this tool against the fast food promotion activities. There can be several types of influence such as television, internet, and billboard industry. The majority of overweight people spend their time watching various TV serials or reality shows. A good idea is to use it in the fight against fast food industry. The government can provide the so-called healthy advertisements. In other words, television programs will show famous people who can advise to eat healthy food instead of fast food. Moreover, every channel will broadcast reality shows about how to lose weight with the help of healthy food. However, such actions will not bring the enormous result immediately. It is a lasting process that requires time and efforts. As for the internet, it can be also used as the great influential tool. The usage of advertisement can be also applied to the social web. Various advertisements can show the influence of fast food on individual’s health. Furthermore, they can convince the internet users in the beneficial properties of healthy food. The last source of persuasion is advertising billboards. Some individuals do not use television and internet in their daily life. Consequently, billboards can grab their attention. The theme of the advertisement on the billboards can be the same as on the television and internet. Using the mentioned methods of persuasion, the government can shift individuals’ attitude towards the consumption of fast food. As a result, it can reduce the level of obesity in the country. To sum up, the problem of excessive fast food consumption has deeply ingrained in human mentality. Due to the hectic pace of life, people do not have time to buy and prepare healthy food. Consequently, they consume fast food. Nevertheless, they do not know what influence this kind of food can have on their health. The basic problem is obesity. It can cause serious problems with heart and digestive system. In order to limit the consumption of junk food, the following proposals were mentioned. Firstly, the relevant food examination should be adopted. Only after this examination, cafes will have right to sell fast food. Secondly, the government has to limit the amount of fast food cafes on one territory. Thirdly, the government can promote such with the help of mass media since they are the main influential tool in the modern world. Following the mentioned actions will help to reduce the level of fast food consumption in every country.



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