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Bbw Facesitting - What It's All About!

Facesitting...when you hear this for the first time, many think it's only about eating pussy or oral sex but for the REAL facesitting fetishist, that is probably one of the last things on their "to do" list. As someone who has been planting her big 65 inch booty on faces since 2005, I've learned that it is much more than that. The ins and outs of facesitting is something that has to be learned by experience. I am sure I can still learn a few things but here are a few things I've mastered over the years.   1. Release of control - for the person being sat on, it is about relinquishing control into the hands of their "mistress". Their life and quite literally the air that they breath is left up to whomever is sitting on them, be it their chest, face or body. When someone has an ass as big as mine...just half of my weight completely cuts off the ability to move from under me or catch air unless I lift off enough to do so. Many times the release of control is by a "Sub" who holds a powerful position in business/life OR has to maintain control in their "vanilla" daytime activities. They need a place to release and someone to forcibly take control out of their head and hands.   2. Surrounded by Mistress' essence - It's also about being completely enveloped by the scent of a woman. Your head and torso is so completely encased within thick, massive thighs, that every time you inhale, you inhale her. Personally, I enjoy the thought of a seat breathing in my natural scent, so I tend to skip the body sprays when facesitting so when they are given the chance to take in air, it's all me. Now, unless otherwise requested by the seat, it is a fresh out of the shower experience, however some of you naughty slaves like the heady scent of a woman after she's worked up a sweat through out the day...to each their own and I do enjoy giving an experience that is never forgotten.   3. Pressure - Can you imagine what's it's like to have 340 pounds of massive booty sitting full weight on your chest or face? Because I am bottom heavy, the weight is concentrated in my hips, thighs and butt...so 340 pounds of my weight feels completely different than those whose weight is evenly distributed throughout their body. The seat loves the feeling of the immense pressure that my body puts on them as I sit, lie or stand. It seems like most people into BBW Facesitting enjoy the pressure and it plays a bigger role than what you see in skinny women facesitting.   4. Booty worship - I believe it is also about paying homage to the woman and more specifically the body part she uses to give such pleasure/pain. Not that facesitting is specifically painful, but it can be if you have an inexperienced person attempting to sit on your face! I love to have my seat worship my booty, smell it and show me just how much he/she wants it on his/her face or body. I expect my booty to be treated like a work of art, a precious, priceless idol that was meant to be worshipped. After being properly worshipped, I am more than willing to reward you by full weight booty pressing you into the floor or mattress.   5. Facesitting on a bed or harder surface? - If you are a newbie at being facesat, I would recommend you first experience it on a bed. The mattress provides a bit of a cushion and you can determine if it is something you can handle. Although facesitting looks quite easy to take, having 340 pounds of woman sitting on you can be quite overwhelming to someone who has never actually experienced it live. Once you've determined you can handle it on the bed...then you can move to the floor but let me warn you...it is VERY intense. Not many can handle it.   6. Forced Facesitting/Queening - Within the roles of the dominant/submissive, "forced" oral sex is part of the equation. Although the submissive is probably loving every minute of it, the illusion of being forced to service his/her mistress is played out. The submissive is nothing more than a instrument for his Mistress' pleasure. Queening is not the same as being smothered while facesitting because the sub is allowed air however he must remain under his Mistress until she is sufficiently satisfied with his "service" to her.   7. Smothering - Being smothered between massive thighs and buttocks is an overwhelming sensation. Because I do this regularly, I wanted to experience it for myself to understand what the person beneath me feels, so I had one of my BBW friends sit on my face. Let me just say, I could never be a seat. Although I will never repeat this experience, it taught me a lot of what my seats experience when under my big booty!   When a person is being smothered this way, it is again, the art of giving up their control, of being allowed air when the Mistress gives it and being completely dominated by someone who has your very life in their hands. The Mistress must know what she's doing because if she doesn't, she very well could hurt the person under her.One must have some sort of predetermined communication as to when the person absolutely needs air, such as tapping out. Although there are many subs who would love to go to the point of actual passing out, I prefer to bring them right to the edge of consciousness as it keeps us both "safe".   8. Extreme squashing/buttdrops - And then for those that REALLY like to test their limits, there is squashing and buttdrops. Some subs not only love for me to drop all 340 pounds hard on their bodies but they even like it to be dropped on their face! This is something not for the faint of heart. Think you can handle this? See the video below for a little sampling of "buttdrops".   If you are interested in experiencing all of this LIVE, email me...we'll set up a fetish session! nicole@dirtylittlediva.com and make sure you say you are contacting me from the Fat Forums!



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